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Page for my live stream sessions. A lot more on this later, for now, I'm live streaming on Twitch at
22) Philosophy and Pancakes: Let's Make Pancakes and Talk about Life [ASMR].

21) Announcement: Next Four Twitch Live Streams: Philosophy, Food, Math, Comics/Games [ASMR].

20) Comic Book Haul #16, Twitch Live Stream: Rachel Rising by Terry Moore [ASMR, Soft-Spoken] .

19) Let's Play Backgammon, Let Me Show You My Game -- ASMR -- Male, Soft-Spoken, Tapping, Dice Rolling .

18) ASMR Math: Twitch Live Stream: Percent, Pythagorean Theorem, Quadratics, Trigonometry, Sine/Cosine .

17) How to Make Persian Kookoo (Kuku) and a Sweet Rice Dish - Vegetarian Recipe, Twitch Live Stream .

16) Let's Talk about Conflict in Comics and the Comic Book Industry, Workshop [ASMR].

15) Announcement: Next Four Twitch Live Streams: Comic Books, Food, Math, Backgammon .

14) Comic Book Haul #15, Twitch Live Stream: X-Men, Moon Knight, Archer & Armstrong, Superman, and more [ASMR] .

13) Let's Take a Look at My Record Collection and Talk About Music.

12) Let's Do Some Math: Twitch Live Stream, Graphing Quadratic Functions, Completing the Square, and More.

11) Let's Make Some Power Food: Dates, Eggs, Tomatoes, Tahini, Feta, How to Recipe (Twitch Live Stream) .

10) Announcement: Next four Live Streams: Food, Math, Music, and a Comic Book Haul.

9) Let's Make Some Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies.

8) My Gif Collection and an Open Discussion - Twitch Live Stream, Q&A .

7) Comic Book Haul #14, Twitch Live Stream: Modern Age: Daredevil, X-Men, Y The Last Man, Thor, Batman, Conan, Paper Girls, Captain America, Animal Man, Astro City, plus more .

6) Announcement: Comic Book Haul Live Stream on Twitch, Saturday, Feb 3, 10:00 AM PST .

5) Comic Book Haul Live Stream #1: Twitch, Haul #13, Modern Age Comics, Behind the Scenes [ASMR] .

4) Twitch Live Stream #3: Let's Surf eBay and Buy Some Comic Books, How to Find Deals .

3) Twitch Live Stream, Session #2: Sharing My Sources for Political and Economic News.

2) Update on Live Streaming.

1) Twitch Live Stream, Session #1: Test Run, Comic Books, List of Websites for Research.

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