Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mathematics of Farming: Update, January 2015 (Food and Farming Part 9, Math in Real Life)

Table of Contents: Language of Mathematics and Math in Real Life

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All About Comic Books: Readings, Reviews and Recommendations, Framings, Collections and Articles

I really enjoy comic books and plan on producing a lot of content regarding this topic. To help keep everything organized and coherent, content is being archived into the following categories: Readings, Framings, Collections, and Articles (standalone 'Reviews and Recommendations' videos will be added at a future date).

Below you will find an introductory video for this series. Once we begin to look at the economics of comics for Math in Real Life, that content will also be added on this page.

Hope you enjoy.


All about Comic Books: Introduction

  1. Readings
  2. Framings
  3. Collections
  4. Articles

I. Readings

II. Framings

III. Collections

Let Me Show You My Comic Book Collection (January 2015)

IV. Articles